2005 Sailing Season:
Here are some of our favorite pictures & some other pictures you might enjoy!
Note: Some of the pictures are full size and can be viewed full size by clicking on the image. All are copyrighted 2006 by Martha Hills.

Don and Martha on Butter Island with ViVA in background

Fun at ViVA's helm.

Camden's Lighthouse

Always hungry Camden duck.

Morning dip Bucks Harbor

Lobster boat with seagulls

Schooner in morning light at Bucks Harbor.

Sears Island Sunset from our mooring.

ViVA on mooring at Sears Island.

Camden church with day lilys.

Rockland breakwater and Lighthouse.

Camden Lighthouse different view.

Beachcombing on Butter Island

Climbing to the top Butter Island

Butter Island - View from the top looking south.
Click here for a closeup <HERE>

Always an opportunity to make music aboard ViVA.

Yes, we actually bring along a bass fiddle- it has its own berth!

Guest playing Don's guitar and sharing a song.

Banjo lessons aboard are an option for some.

Lobster shack in Friendship, Maine

Lobster shack in Belfast

Don with his new friend at Castine dock.

ViVA crew for 2015

Some Pictures of the Winter months 2005/06 <HERE>

ViVA Sunset 1

ViVA Sunset 2

Google Earth Pitures of the area <MAP-1> <MAP-2> <MAP-3>

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