We are committed to make Sailing
an Adventure for Everyone...
Sailing Yacht: s/v Viva

As we sail into the 21st century, we are reminded that we can make choices and fill our lives with those people and activities that help keep us centered and feeling healthy and alive. Sailing aboard Viva gives us that sense of purpose and perspective. Everyday the sea and sky offer a fresh look to the outside world. The new people we meet and the renewed fellowship from past sails, allow us to share with others our love of the sea and all the wind and waves have to offer. Add to this the essence of good food, good friends and smiles around and we provide an opportunity to transcend the humdrum of the everyday and to embrace the fundamental nature of being one with others. Lift your spirits and join us as we set sail. And as the sun warms you, feel the wind in your face and let time slip away as you become part of the timelessness of ship and sea.

meek and mild to wild in style

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s/v ViVA showing her stuff in a good breeze.